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Mar 09, 2014  Chapman's Dodge Film School application video. Applying for Fall 2014. Shot with BMCC Rokinon 14mm T3. 1 Rokinon 24mm T1. 5 Rokinon 35mm T1. 5 Nikon 125mm Hi Rosegold, I am confused about your inquiry. The subject of your thread is Admission enquiry for Dodge Film School Chapman University.

A thesis film is a Dodge College senior project attached to classes FTV 430 and FTV 431 Senior Thesis Workshops (see info about these classes at the bottom of this post). So, what are the changes? We are retiring the video essay prompt, and are now asking for a written and visual sample from applicants. The" Early Action" Deadline for Applying to Dodge College is Today! November 1, 2012. 80 social. Share on Twitter.

VFX at Chapman. June 25, 2018 by Ian Cabrera Dec 18, 2017 This was my visual sample for Chapman's film production BFA. My stated emphasis on the application was cinematography. Dodge College Video Essay. May 2008 edited May 2008 in Chapman University. Yeah, another questionI have a great idea for my video essay. However, I would be in it. A scene I want to do is me walking through my neighborhood.

The camera will be behind me. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WORLDWIDE Dec 18, 2017  My submission for Dodge School of Film and Media Arts. My application was accepted and I am now Chapman bound! PROMPT: Without the use of dialogue or Find all the necessary information on applying to Chapman Universitys Dodge College of Film and Media Arts undergraduate program in Film Production and how it works from start to finish. Dodge College Personal Statement.

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